Welcome to my new food blog! Minetta Tavern.

First off, I’d like to thank those that motivated me to get this thing done. Hopefully, I can get this blog to thrive and survive and morph into something that I can be proud of. This is dedicated to all my friends and family that have been there from the start. I truly hope you guys enjoy it.

My first entry is going to be a review of one of my favorite restaurants since I moved to New York City.


I’ve already wrote an extensive review on Yelp, which you can find here.

But since that review, I’ve probably gone back around 3-4 times and each time had been a different pleasurable experience. Which is why Minetta is ranked as one of my all time fave restaurants. Taking pictures at this vintage-esque restaurant proved to be quite difficult; but I tried to manage with whatever light I had.

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village; surrounded by local dive bars where NYU students go to, well act like college students; you’ll find a charming little restaurant that has more of a speak-easy feel than those gaudy Midtown restaurants. As soon as I step in, I find myself planted on one of the barstools soaking in the comedic performance by the satirical bartenders.

“whadayahave?”said one of the bartenders, trying to be smooth I respond “the usual.” I receive a slight snicker for my efforts. I order a Murray Sour.

Murray Sour - Yamazaki 12 Year Whiskey, cardamon infused Agave Nectar, Fresh Orange and Lemon.

A surprisingly smooth full flavored drink. As with many whiskey based drinks; there’s always the lingering fear of the overpowering whiskey dominating the drink. However, with the Murray Sour – the drink is so perfectly blended that the harshness of the whiskey is eased and mellowed out.

Almost done with our drinks; we place our order.

First round of appetizers appear:

Roasted Bone Marrow with Baguette Soldiers and Shallot Confit

Oxtail and Foie Gras Terrine with Poached Leeks

Tartare Goutez - Veal with Black Truffle, Lamb with Argan Oil, olives and mint, and Beef with Mustard and Cornichons.

You would expect the “hors d’oeuvres” to set you back a pretty penny. However, each dish is roughly $18; a value price to pay considering the price of the restaurants main star entree. The Black Label Burger ($26).

Black Label Burger - Selection of prime dry-aged beef cuts with caramelized onions and pommes frites

Paired with the highly sought after pommes frites from Balthazar; the Black Label Burger is the epitome of burgers. The construction of this masterpiece can be found here (A Hamburger Today).

You can also try Minetta Tavern’s other delicious entrees, but make sure you pair it with the Black Label

Bone In New York Strip Steak with Black Label Burger

If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation at Minetta Tavern; I highly recommend going. Rumors are that you have to make reservations 3 months in advance; however they only accept reservations 1 month in advance – go figure. If you want to get a shot at the best burger in the world; I recommend coming before the dinner rush (before 6:00-6:30). You won’t be disappointed.


One response to “Welcome to my new food blog! Minetta Tavern.

  1. good job howie!!! looking forward to reading!

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