Daisy May’s BBQ

To start, (I know it’s a little late) but I would like to wish everyone a healthy and spectacular New Year! Secondly, I apologize for my incompetence and inability to write a new entry. I’ve been using the past week as a little R&R from my NYE weaksauceness; and I’ve also just spent the past couple of hours recuperating from the meal I just had. That’s enough introduction for now – onto the entry!

After watching last week’s Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” marathon, I developed a strong craving for some good ‘ol fashioned BBQ – thus leading me to Daisy May’s BBQ. Damn you Michael Symon, Damn you…

When you enter Daisy May’s you’re greeted with a simple sign that instructs you where to order, where to pick up, where to eat. I somehow got that wrong. Luckily, there was nobody else in line to witness my idiocy. Now, I will humbly admit that I was overly ambitious and probably misjudged my appetite and their portions (even after watching Chef Symon go on and on about the size of the ribs). Very confidently, I ordered the Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib with Rustic Creamy Corn with NY State Cheddar and Mac and Cheese as my fix-ins; my friend also placed an order of Pulled Pork with Corn Bread and also Mac and Cheese and fix-ins. “I’ll add a jar of Sweet Tea to that order”. pshh. “Make that two!” $48 he demands. “This is by far the most I’ve paid for BBQ,” I whisper to my friend. I reluctantly hand over my white card (my AMEX plug). Our order was ready in what felt like a couple of seconds. Great! I’m starving!

The cafeteria-esque seating was covered in numerous BBQ awards from all over the country. There was even an Asian group in the back doing what seemed to be a documentary on one of Daisy May’s Big Pig Gig.

Excuse the pedophile ‘stache, but holy shit! (am I allowed to curse in blogs? oh well) this rib is monstrous! It truly is a portion out of the Flintstones. I’ll talk about this rib a little later, I’m still intimidated.  I usually like to see my pulled pork in a sandwich form, but the pulled pork itself here wasn’t all that bad. The meat was still tender and juicy, and paired perfectly with the mild BBQ sauce. However, because of the giant sized ribs still placed in front of us – it was basically treated as a side. And as a side it was magnificent; but if you want to regard it as a main course, I would tell you to look elsewhere – maybe dare I say? the beef rib?These sides are no joke, don’t be tricked by KFC and their dinky little “individual serving” sides. I’d probably get more food from Gerbers than I would from an individual side at KFC. Sorry, random I know, but there was a KFC commercial playing in the background. Back to Daisy May’s. My friend and I both agreed that the mac and cheese came up well short of impressive. I come to a Southern restaurant, I want Daisy May to make me a great mac and cheese. Nope. Sorry. Won’t find it here. It’s maybe just a notch better than the one served at KFC (like that connection?). The creamed corn on the other hand was probably the best side. The cheddar cheese made it thicker and more flavorful, and the additions of peppers also gave it a textural variance. Some of the best creamed corn I’ve had in a while. Not pictured: Corn Bread. Why? Because it sucked. A phenomenal sweet tea, smooth and not over sugared. However, I ordered “Sweet Tea served in a Mason Jar” and what did I get? Sweet Tea served in a container which restaurant’s in Chinatown uses to deliver soup. Disappointing presentation. If you want good sweet tea, head over to McDonald’s with $1. Disclaimer: that’s not a lettuce leaf, but a mint leaf.Now, onto the MAINNNNNN EVENTTTTTTTT. The behemoth they call the Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib. I knew I was in for a treat when the meat just fell off the bone like butter. To be honest, that knife wasn’t probably needed. Everything just fell and pulled apart. When you rip open the charred surroundings, you unveil a wonderful tender meaty nirvana. Although, it was a little bit fatty, this didn’t prevent me from eating this bad boy. Usually, I don’t order beef ribs because they’re most of the time overcooked, dried out, and unappetizing. This wasn’t the case here; the rib was incredibly juicy. Daisy May’s you might have changed my stance on beef ribs.Even with 2 people working on it, and taking breaks. This was all we were able to accomplish. Actually, we were only able to finish one serving of Mac and Cheese, and one “jar” of Sweet Tea. Yay for leftovers tomorrow! I should bring a pillow to work just in case.

Dave Chappelle, you were right about ribs; off to bed now.

Daisy May’s BBQ Scores:

Food: 6/10

Restaurant Environment: 4.5/10

Service: N/A

Value: 3.5/10*

Overall: 5/10

*Note: This score does not reflect saving money on a meal the next day because of leftovers. Because if you were a true fatty; there would be nothing left.


3 responses to “Daisy May’s BBQ

  1. Bring beef ribs when you come back next week.

  2. 😦 Sad.
    You must go to a winner next time.

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