Taste of Connecticut: Bar

This weekend I had decided to make a very impromptu trip up to Connecticut to visit my friend and sample what he dubs the best pizza ever. I’ll be the judge of that.

After what seemed to be a very quick train ride (~1.5 hours), I arrived in New Haven. Instead of settling in, dropping my stuff, going to the bathroom, or whatever you would think of doing first – I wanted to get things done and experience this spectacular pizza for myself. Trotting through the quaint New England-esque streets of Yale, we quickly arrived at this bar like brick building which was called; well, Bar. This place already receives +10 brownie points for creativity (sarcasm).Brick brick brick everywhere! I feel like im in a BJs with the whole brewery ambience. The crowd is completely comprised of college students, maybe the proximity of Yale has something to do with it. When you glance over the menu it’s every college kid’s dream. Only beer, pizza, more beer, and a salad (for the days immediately after Thanksgiving and New Year where you vow to become a skinny bitch). The house microbrew Toasted Blonde was amazing. Smooth, crisp and clear with an intermediate texture of an Ale/Lager. Mashed potatoes on a pizza?! Damn right. Finally someone has the intellect to top something so awesome on a pizza. This might also be borderline thisiswhyyourefat material. My friend and I decided to go with a large half/half white pizza. Half bacon and mashed potatoes/half eggplant and sausage. When should I schedule my coronary?

Seeing all the other tables get their order was just torture. Hurryyyyy…..please…..

Now since I had to endure the agony, and because I’m evil – I’ll just let the next set of pictures do the talking. You better have ate your lunch already!


Crap. my stomach just growled. self-inflicted.

Mashed Potatoes and Bacon

Usually, when you get a novelty pizza so large, they cheat you on the toppings. Not at Bar. Every bite was covered with greasy flavorful bacon and garlicky smooth mashed potatoes. The other side was topped with tender breaded eggplant and a savory ground sausage. The New York style thin crust was crispy and light, but still had the strength to hold all the toppings. CPK you’ve met your match.

So this is the best pizza ever right?!? Not so fast. The pizza was great, don’t get me wrong. However, it was missing a key item that I couldn’t put my finger on that could tie the entire thing together and make it perfect. Maybe some sharp cheddar, green onions, sour cream.. I’m a fatty, but I just want to complete the whole mashed potatoes/baked potato characteristic of it. All said and done, the Bar pizza probably ranks in my Top 3 Pizzas of all time.

Bar Scores:

Food: 8/10
Restaurant Environment: 7/10
Service: 6.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10


One response to “Taste of Connecticut: Bar

  1. Wow!! Only 7.5 for the 3rd best pizza you’ve eaten in your life? I’ve only started looking through this site (for places to eat in CT)… Please show me where you’ve given a place 9+

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