Quick Bites: Chat and Chew

I came here with a couple of friends to grab a quick lunch before work. My friend ordered the Miss Patty’s Chicken Sammy, I didn’t try it so I can’t really rate it. But looks good with all that bacon! That’s all the positive comments you’ll get today Chat and Chew!Supposedly one of Chat and Chew’s signature dishes, The Quintessential Macaroni and Cheese. However, the only thing that’s quintessential about the mac and cheese is its name. Maybe they should just rename it to just plain Kraft Mac and Cheese, because that’s essentially what it is, albeit jazzed up a bit with some better macaroni and a layer of bread crumbs. You can’t knock Chat and Chew about their portion sizes though, with them trying to become the leading contributor of American obesity and all. Honestly though, I’m a terrible eater and I love mac and cheese, but there has to be a limit somewhere before eating a plate the size of a baby full of mac and cheese. At $11, no thank you, I’m heading over east to S’Mac. Now onto the piece de resistance, my plate, the TV Dinner with hair. WHAT?! Yes, I said it. The TV Dinner with a side of hair. Upon first inspection, this plate is pretty damn awesome with so many delicious sides. However, looking closer you find a smaller edible order of their Kraft Mac and Cheese, a green bean casserole that was simply some string beans (which were barely sauteed for a minute) topped with what I’m guessing was Campbells’ cream of mushroom, mediocre mashed potatoes, and a chicken fried steak with some packaged gravy. Now the kicker was that for that extra intense flavor, the chicken fried steak is breaded with real human hair! Revolutionary! After finding a long strand of hair attached to my steak, I raised my hand for what seemed like hours only to be ignored. I felt like Peter Griffin (sorry for the shitty quality). After finally noticing me, the waitress quickly took my plate back after I informed her about the situation. I waited for roughly 10 minutes and got my new and improved meal. COOL! they topped the nasty green beans with some nasty fried onions! No way! they gave me an extra piece of their hair breaded chicken! My appetite is officially satiated. It’s really disheartening trying to eat something in fear of finding a little something extra. No Thanks.

I guess the moral to this story is, if you find your portion size to small and just want more food, find some hair.

Chat and Chew Scores:
Food: 2.5/10
Restaurant Environment: 2/10
Service: 2.5/10
Overall: 2/10


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