LA: Jack and Jill’s

Shortly after landing at LAX for my week back home, my friends and I headed over to Santa Monica to grab a quick brunch. We made our way down Santa Monica Blvd and arrived at a quaint brunch spot called Jack and Jill’s.We placed our order (a la Corner Bakery/Panera Bread style), grabbed our coffee, and soaked in the charming decor. I didn’t notice until now that it said “up the hill” when going upstairs, clever. The Chicken Pomodoro Panini featured grilled chicken breast with smoked gouda, basil, and tomato sandwiched between rosemary sourdough parmesan bread. We also opted to get a side of french onion soup. The french onion soup was somewhat average. On the downside, it was too heavily seasoned with salt. The Chicken Pomodoro Panini was simple and satisfying. Something you could definitely make at home. If it were up to me, I’d just make the shorter drive out to Corner Bakery for their Pomodoro. I heard Jack and Jill’s is also very well known for their crepes. You can either get sweet or savory ones. We ordered the pompously french sounding savory crepe named the Choudrant. The Choudrant is filled with pulled chicken, pancetta, garlic, peston, mozzarella, mushrooms and sherry cream sauce. My friend adored it, but to me it honestly tasted like a chicken alfredo with crepe instead of fettucini.My friends in NY all know how much I want and crave a hearty homely breakfast burrito, but I feel like I’m always stuck with a meager pretentious Egg’s Benedict. Not this time! Jack and Jill’s had something on their menu which they dubbed “The Big Spicy Burrito.” This behemoth consisted of 4 eggs, chorizo, roasted potatoes, bacon, cilantro, onion, cheddar cheese wrapped in a giant tortilla served with home fries and salsa. Contrary to its name, it wasn’t spicy at all; actually not even a little bit. But it does live up to “big” portion. This little baby could probably feed an entire village if it wanted to. Instead of using the accompanied salsa, I used my favorite condiment, ketchup (and tons of it). The burrito was everything that I love in a breakfast burrito (maybe if it was hashed browns instead of potatoes it would be perfect). I only got past half of this big boy, I’m ashamed. However, after everything, the burrito definitely manifested a sense of nostalgia bring me back to my swim team days. When I would wolf down a giant breakfast burrito right before an event (I definitely never waited 30 minutes). Finally, we finished off our culinary excursion with a little taste of Louisiana Banana Cream Pudding with Shortbread Cookies and homemade whipped cream. Holy sweetness Batman! This thing is a 10 year old boys dream, every bite laced with tons and tons of sugar. I expected something along the lines of Marie Callender’s Banana Cream Pie (which I should add are $6.99 right now). The over sweetness just killed the dish, we ended up just trying to eat the bananas to fight off the sugar rush. I knew the South really loved sweet, but after eating this I suggest sending the world’s supply of insulin to Louisiana to combat their inevitable cases of diabetes.

Jack and Jill’s Scores:
Food: 6.5/10 – The sentimental breakfast burrito is not enough to carry the rest of the mediocre food and the chef’s inability to season the correct amount of salt/sugar.

Restaurant Environment: 8/10 – The captivating and witty designs help build the restaurant’s quaint character.

Service: 8/10 – The attentive servers always kept your coffee mug filled without being overly intrusive.

Overall: 7/10


2 responses to “LA: Jack and Jill’s

  1. For some reason, I would have never thought to pair ketchup with my breakfast burrito. I much prefer a side of mustard. šŸ˜‰ Hilarious description of the dessert! I may need an insulin shot just by looking at the Banana Cream Pudding.

  2. For some reason, I would have never thought to pair my breakfast burrito with a side of ketchup. I much prefer a side of mustard. šŸ˜‰ Hilarious description of the dessert! I may need an insulin shot just by looking at the Banana Cream Pudding.

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