LA: Q Noodle House

Fact: Taiwanese food is the best form of Chinese food around.

Whenever I’m back home, you can be sure to be find me across from 99 Ranch Market at Q Noodle House in Rowland Heights. Ordering is a cinch and very Taiwanese, simply just indicate what you want on a menu slip and away you go. Actually, I take that back, since the whole slip is in Chinese, it’s very easy when you have either know Chinese or have it memorized.Usually, I order a ton of small appetizers, and today was no different. For a couple of cents, we started off with what I would call “braised egg” covered in garlic soy paste and green onions. (It’s hard trying to translate these Chinese dishes into English)Next came a dish of Sliced Bean Curd in the same Garlic Soy Paste topped with green onions. To me, these cold dishes are considered a Taiwanese staple.Yay! More appetizers! A simple Fried Tofu Cubes served with the same Garlic Soy Paste is an inviting temperature change from the cold dishes.The final appetizer is definitely something very Taiwanese. Fried Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, you can call it whatever you want. But anything fried and chicken is guaranteed to be a winner. I prefer to dip it in the, you guessed it, Garlic Soy Paste.My friend and I weren’t really sure what to call this dish in English. Silly Noodles? Sucker Noodles? Dumb ass Noodles? Anyways, “Sah Gwah” Noodles is named because an individual would have to be idiotic to order and pay for something so simple. I say who cares! As long as it’s delicious. My favorite noodles of all time! A very simple Dry Pork Noodles with Bean Sprout and Green Onions. Mix the entire thing together and add a couple squirts of Sriracha, and you’ll find yourself in culinary bliss. Forget El Bulli and Per Se, I can have a bowl of these noodles every day (OK, maybe I cant forget about them, because it would be sacrilegious). But it just shows how even the most simple and mundane dishes can be the best.

I do not feel right giving Q Noodle a grade. There’s too much nostalgia attached to the restaurant and dishes for me not to be biased.


One response to “LA: Q Noodle House

  1. i came here for lunch today! 🙂

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