LA: Alcove

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth and often don’t eat much dessert. However, whenever I’m in LA, I know I can grab some of the greatest desserts at Alcove. Although it looks as if they’ve compiled a delicious savory menu, I’m here for the sugar.

Now many of you may know that I’m usually a super-paparazzi and love to take pictures of whatever I see. However, the celebrity sighting of Mandy Moore at Alcove caught me off guard and also left me starstruck and dumbfounded when we locked eyes. She’s no longer the chubby Mandy we were appalled at in HIMYM, but back to her beautiful and elegant self who is as sweet as she looks. Anyways, back to the point. Because I spent the whole time staring at Mandy, I kind of forgot to take pictures. But fear not my fellow readers, luckily I’ve been here a couple of times and have some pictures from the past.The Strawberry Cake tastes just like it looks, but better. Remember the Chinese birthday cakes your mom would bring back topped with a wide assortment of fruits? This is better than that. The fresh strawberries and refined fresh-made whipped cream paired with the moist white cake brings back a nostalgic birthday party in your mouth.I sucked at taking pictures before. Anyways, the Birthday Cupcake and Caramel Cheesecake were pretty uneventful and a complete reversal of the Strawberry Cake, where they sound and look better than they actually were. When I gazed into the giant pastry fridge this time around, I was looking for one thing. Red Velvet Cake. What? No Red Velvet? However, they did have a vegan substitute. No Thank You! Wait wait wait!! What’s this Cookie Monster like cake? Blue Velvet?!?! I’ll take a slice, I’m no racist. My goodness, was it just as grand. The soft silky cream cheese frosting paired with that blue cake goodness is ethereal. The beautifully dubbed Princess Cake, is a wonderful creation of white cake with a raspberry/framboise preserve and a layer of sweet smooth custard, wrapped in a purple almond/amaretto fondant. Deeeeeeelish. A little on the sweet side but an amazing cake none the less.Don’t forget to place an order of Alcove’s wonderful coffee and flavored lattes. Usually, they top it with gorgeous foam art, but they decided not to this time. So I tried it myself using a fork. Fail.

No score for Alcove, since I’ve only had the dessert and coffee. If the food is just as good as the dessert, Alcove is definitely a can’t miss romantic dining spot with a chance of a celebrity sighting. Oh yea, I’ve also heard their bread pudding is one of the best in the world.


2 responses to “LA: Alcove

  1. Where are those Mandy pics? She’s always lovely and beautiful!

  2. Mandy pics please. Just send it directly to my g-mail. Thanks.

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