This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

Armed with a witty name, a spectacular pedigree (from the creators of Aritchoke), and most of all a great sandwich, This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef is destined for success. Even a rainy day didn’t stop customers from filling up the small restaurant to get their roast beef fix. The location is about the same size and has a similar ambient feel to Artichoke. The menu is simple enough. 3 items. This Way (with Cheeze Whiz and Au Jus on a Roll, $4.50), the heavier That Way (with Mozzarella and Gravy on a Hero, $7.50), or a Pastrami. There’s also a small menu for the sides that include house made french fries, potato salad, and macaroni salad ($3.00 each). Baby if that ain’t heaven I don’t know what is. This isn’t your neighborhood Arby’s Beef and Cheddar with Arby-Q sauce and Horseysauce. This is a bonafide Roast Beef Sandwich (This Way). The roast beef is ultra tender, and is paired with a surprisingly sweet Au Jus that only makes it better. The Cheez Whiz complements the sandwich with its unctuous texture and sharp flavor. The only downside about the sandwich is that I believe they need to find a bread that could hold up the Au Jus without getting overly soggy. The House made Potato Salad was also a shocker. Upon first glance, it looks like your average potato salad that you purchase in the giant 3-pound container from Albertsons and share with your college roommates and devour it within a couple of days (or was that just me). Anyways, this potato salad is so much more. It’s surprisingly light yet still full of flavor. However, I can’t see myself spending another $3 for it.

This Littly Piggy Had Roast Beef Scores:
Food: 8.5/10 – The Roast Beef Sandwich might turn into one of my secret pastimes.

Restaurant Environment: 6/10 – A small cramped area to grab a bite and leave.

Service: N/A – They just give you a sandwich how hard is that? But they did offer to cut mine in half for my friend and I.

Value: 7/10 – $4.50 for the sandwich, a NY steal! $3 for the potato salad, I got robbed.

Overall: 7.5/10 – Just go there for the roast beef, and you won’t be the little piggy that had none.


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