Boston Market

I know, I know, what is a fast food joint doing on my website. Let’s just call it an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Ever since my favorite location (actually only location that I visited) in Rowland Heights was transformed into a Starbucks, like a bad breakup it took me years to get over the fact that it was gone. However, 10 years later, I find myself on the opposite end of the nation and developing a new found desire to confront my favorite Chicken Pot Pie. It’s eerie seeing one huh? It took me a little bit to get past the awkward re-introduction phase. Oh hi! long time no see! So how are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a while..but there was just one question I truly just wanted to ask. How are your Chicken Pot Pies doing? And my goodness, she gave me a tremendous answer. $5 for a Chicken Pot Pie and Cornbread!? Add $1 each for the sides!? Perhaps I’ve been in New York for too long, but I’m willing to drive hours out to this exact location in Pennsylvania for their cheap menu (I know there’s a location in the city, but it’s not the same ok?).What divine Creamed Spinach. Think of the best steakhouses you know and the creamed spinach that they serve for $10. Now double the awesomeness. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that grand, but one of the best I’ve ever had for a fraction of the price. Same goes for the creamy and cheesy Mac and Cheese.Move aside KFC and Popeyes, you definitely can’t compete with these Mashed Potatoes. Come on, they even have a gravy well, a freaking gravy well!What’s better than a chili bread bowl after a weekend of snowboarding? I found the answer. Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie! Just as delectable as ever, perhaps even better than before. The perfectly flaky crust, mixed with the warm thick chicken filling.. I’m sorry, but I just can’t write anymore, it’s torture on myself.

No score for Boston Market, because I want everyone who lost their favorite Rowland Heights location to a Starbucks, to add this on their bucket list and experience the sublimity for themselves.


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