What kind of food blogger would I be if I did not partake in dining at highly touted restaurants? Keeping that in mind, I had to sample the offerings of one of the most decorated Michelin Star restaurateurs/chefs in the world, Mr. Daniel Boulud. And can I say, Mr. Boulud, I left with a lingering feeling of disappointment.The exterior facade as well as the interior walls of DBGB are completely covered from ceiling to ground with quotes by famous people that have influenced the culinary industry.Undoubtedly the name DBGB is a reference to the historical, now-closed, CBGB landmark that resided a couple of stores down. The bar area was actually very quiet when we first arrived at around 6:20 on a Tuesday night. The shelves of the restaurant are lined with copper cookware donated by Boulud’s so called culinary “friends.” The giant copper pot in the middle was donated by Anthony Bourdain. The famous list of chef’s go on, which include the modern day chef diety Ferran Adria. The workers at DBGB are all dressed to mock Ted Mosby from HIMYM (sorry I couldn’t get a picture). Dark brown v-neck sweater over a white crew, with a pair of jeans on. Wait a minute, they’re mocking me!Call me a duck serial murderer, because I will kill as many as it necessitates to obtain this creamy gem. Hands down the best dish of the night was what we started with, which probably lead to high expectations and the eventual demise of the dinner. Anyways back to the dish. The Housemade Foie Gras Torchon is paired with a Spiced Kumquat Confit over a stream of honey-like Jaggery Gastrique. But wait it gets better.Each is served with a perfectly toasted slice of buttery Brioche to create..If you ask me what angels in heaven eat, I have your answer. Each bite is an all out assault on your taste buds with the sweet nectarous confit, the herbaceous greens, the savory creamy foie gras, the honeyed gastrique, and buttery bread. I can die a happy man.A nice little sauce caddy that they bring to you when you order the Hot Dog that I don’t believe I used.DBGB is well known for their impressive sausage selection, but Ill save the Spicy Blood and Pig Head’s Sausage for next time. I turned into a culinary pansy and ordered their self named DBGB Dog. The All Beef Hot Dog was topped with Sauteed Onions and Mustard Ketchup with 299 Relish (in case you were wondering, their address is 299 Bowery) and served with an order of fries. Boy that’s a spicy hot dog (reenact that with a heavy Italian accent). The snappy beef wiener (stop giggling) and the spicy, almost horseradish-like sauce are a perfect match. The slaw also adds a crispy element.

The fries tasted just like In N Out fries, but had a deeper color and for some reason were all extremely short. When it comes down to fries, size does matter, and these tiny things just don’t satisfy.

Usually I never ask for waiter recommendations, unfortunately I did this time. He advised us to order the Pan Roasted Monkfish. And by the way Mr. Waiter, I know what Monkfish is, you don’t have to condescendingly explain it to me. P.S. It was terrible. The Pan Roasted Monkfish is served over a bed of Spaetzle (which were similar to little doughy pieces of chinese rice cake), Hen of the Woods (a type of mushroom), some smoked bacon (that had the texture of rock hard dog treats) and some red wine au jus. I forced myself to eat every bite, almost bursting out in tears. Save my dinner Frenchie Burger! The tiny 6-oz patty is constructed with Confit Pork Belly (mmm), Arugula, a Tomato-Onion Compote, Morbier Cheese, on a Peppered Brioche Bun, with Cornichon (small pickled French cucumbers) and Mustard and also served with their miniature fries. I read reviews criticizing DBGB about their portion size, and I would have to agree. The meager sized burger (barely the size of Shake Shack at 5 times the price), was dusted with pepper and salt.

Every bite made me crave and wonder what my dinner would’ve been like if I went to Minetta Tavern instead. The Black Label Burger was only $5 more, but worlds better (better fries too).

DBGB Scores:
Food: 7.5/10 – Started off with great flavor, but tailed off. My Recommendation: Serve American sized portions in America, not this tiny French crap.

Restaurant Environment: 6.5/10 – Loud, Loud, Loud. Can’t even have a decent conversation.

Service: 7/10 – Besides treating me like a brain-dead child, everything else was spot on.

Value: 3/10 – Again, what’s with the tiny portions? I’m paying for it aren’t I?

Overall: 6.5/10


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