Butter Lane

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, so seeing an entry about dessert only is pretty rare. But let me tell you the story about the Butter Lane cupcakes, where Ted Allen swore he had the best cupcakes of his life on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” The quaintness that used to embody some of the most famous bakeries in the city, now seem to be more of a necessity to identify one. I actually don’t like it. Why do I have to lose all sense of masculinity just to bite into a delicious cupcake. Show me a bad ass bakery with flames shooting out of their cupcakes, now that would be a treat. However, for now, I’ll settle with my pink heart, purple unicorn, pastel colored tiny little easy bake oven bakery. Cupcakes and Daisies, how original.

The workers at Butter Lane were absolutely tremendous. They basically gave us (6 people) a frosting tasting, by letting us sample all 18 or so flavors of frosting, even though they knew we were only buying a cupcake each. Well deserved brownie points.

After all my whining about being too girly and what not, I received my cupcake. A Honey Cinnamon Frosting spread over Banana Cake cupcake. What a freaking marvelous touch by adding a squirt of honey on top. Double Brownie Points. But I wish I could have said the same for the actual cake, which was extremely dry, and left me extremely disappointed.

If you want the best cupcakes of your life, just head a couple blocks south to Sugar Sweet Sunshine in Little East Side.


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