I contemplated really hard on whether or not to feature Katsuhama in my blog, but I think it is my civil duty to inform the public about terrible restaurants.Entrance to the hell hole to the location in Midtown East. Supposedly, the one on the west side is head and shoulders better.The menu looked promising with Japanese comfort food, however this would be the highest point of the night, sadly. Funny thing, I thought they had great service since they were not pressuring us to order since a member of our party had yet to arrive. What juvenile thinking. After my friend had arrived, it took us about half a day to place our order after many futile attempts to get our waitresses’ attention.My friend and I had placed an order of Croquettes to share (which should come with 3), when we received the order we were a bit perplexed that there were only 2. We asked another waiter why it came with 2, when the menu clearly stated 3. He told us that it was the crab croquettes and not the vegetable croquettes, and brought the dish back to the kitchen. I then proceeded to hear our waitress say that we ordered “croquettes” and didn’t specify what we wanted. HA! Take a look at the menu genius, the menu says “Croquettes” (which were the vegetable ones I ordered) and “Cream Croquettes” (which were the crab ones I received). Next time, please don’t blame the customer for your own negligence. Thanks.Already dissatisfied, the rest of the food was a tasteless blur. The Chikuwa Ippon Age was a fried fish cake filled with cheese. A delicious idea, since everything tastes better with that ooey gooey unctuous cheese whiz.Disgusting Miso, Next.This restaurant just keeps getting better. Going on their website, they advertise that they are “The Only Tonkatsu Restaurant in New York.” Are you kidding me? The reason why you might be the only Tonkatsu restaurant is because your disgusting dish, that you try to pass off as Japanese food instills great fear into the American people. I would make a World War II reference, but that would just be uncalled for.

I would like to apologize for my hostility against the Japanese culture, I’ve been watching The Pacific on HBO. Great show by the way.After months of eagerly waiting, I received my revolting croquettes. Hurray! The three consisted of a pumpkin, a vegetable, and a curry potato. Forget the croquettes I say, just eat the slaw that it comes with. Pour on the sesame dressing and you have your best meal of the night. Some katsu that my friend ordered in their preset dinner meal, it was probably mediocre at best as well.I love potato salad, but I do not like the one at Katsuhama. I’d rather have Albertsons brand potato salad.Pre-made Caramel Cheesecake. Bleh. However, the Green Tea Ice Cream with some mix-ins of Red Bean Ice Cream was joyful, but that’s because I’m always excited to have ice cream.

Katsuhama Scores:
Food: 2/10 – There’s a lot better, stay in St. Marks.

Restaurant Environment: 1.5/10 – Wasn’t absolute trash, but pretty damn close.

Service: 0/10 – Service was absent, so their score is as well.

Value: 1/10 – You’d have to pay me to come back.

Overall: 1/10


One response to “Katsuhama

  1. dude thats because we went to the wrong location -_- 55th street is soo much better! you must do a rewrite once you visit how glorious it actually is

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