Meatball Shop

Specialty shops are one of New York’s, well, specialty. Whether it’s mac and cheese, soup, or dumplings, whatever you’re craving, most likely you can find it somewhere around the city.

One late night after work, I was craving a meatball sandwich. Low and behold, appears Meatball Shop in nearby Lower East Side. 

The Meatball Shop was very dimly lit so taking pictures was quite a chore. I took a seat at the bar, marked my order on their ordering sheet, grabbed a beer, and sat patiently for my meal. Again sorry for the terrible picture, I was so hungry and so eager to eat it. The Meatball Smash that I created was a tremendously awesome combination of beef meatballs, provolone cheese, spicy meat sauce, sandwiched between 2 pieces of brioche. Each bite was buttery soft and full of meaty, delicious, perfectly seasoned meatballs. Oh yea, it’s also served with a light Arugula and Apple salad with a mellow vinaigrette that provide a short recess from the beefy euphoria. At $8 for the whole dish, it was a New York bargain, that unfortunately lasted for a New York minute. That’s why I was a fatty and brought another one back!! Go me!Getting another one, also gave me a chance for another photo op. The hero is an extra dollar, which will get you more quantity, but sacrifices the quality of the bread. The Meatball Shop also has a huge selection of other dishes that contain meatball, including spaghetti, risotto, mashed potatoes, and polenta. The possibilities are endless!

The Meatball Shop Scores:
Food: 8/10 – Sorry Subway, those $5 footlongs just can’t compare.

Restaurant Environment: 7/10 – Let’s all dine in the dark! You can barely make out the beautiful retro decor.

Service: 8/10 – I sat at the bar, so it was mostly bartender service, but from what I saw (Usual’s coming in and having their order up) it was pretty stellar.

Value: 8/10 – Dishes in the single digits?! An outrage!

Overall: 8/10


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