The Spotted Pig

I love star gazing. Let me rephrase that, I love gazing at decadent offerings of Michelin Star restaurants. The Spotted Pig was actually a restaurant that I wanted to come to since I first moved to New York, but have unfortunately never made it into.

My old roommate had come to town, so I decided to treat her to a marvelous lunch at Spotted Pig in Greenwich.Another dish from Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate. I might consider creating a checklist and making it my life goal to complete it, but for now the Deviled Eggs will have to do. These mini devils are packed full of flavor and albeit I don’t eat much deviled eggs, it’s definitely something I can get used to. Hold your horses though! At $3 a pop I wished it was the size of an ostrich egg instead.Now I was really craving a Cuban Pressed Sandwich before I got to Spotted Pig, and when I saw it on the menu, I knew it was mine. The tender well seasoned pork, smooth creamy cheese, and spicy peppers added with the crunchiness of the bread. Sigh. I love Cubans (is it sad that I prefer the sandwich over the cigar?).Now onto the piece de resistance. Now it doesn’t have a catchy name like Minetta’s Black Label Burger, but the Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese can hold its own. It actually makes me wonder. The best burgers that I’ve ever eaten are the most simplest ones ever, never more than an extra component besides the patty and bun. The burger is cooked to medium rare perfection. Boys and Girls, these aren’t your everyday ground beef patties that you get at your local grocery. Steak quality beef is ground and formed into heavenly little juicy tender patties. The burger does come up a little short when compared to the Black Label Burger, but coming up second in this race is still something to be extremely proud of.

Spotted Pig Scores:
Food: 9/10 – Even with a clouded judgment of high expectations, The Spotted Pig and its dishes still left me with a sense of jubilation and satisfaction.

Restaurant Environment: 6.5/10 – Now it definitely takes a hit, because of the inability to grab a seat the past couple of times I’ve been there, but the tavern-esque restaurant theme is also getting a bit old.

Service: 8/10 – Maybe it was because I went on a weekday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy, but the service wasn’t too shabby either.

Value: 6.5/10 – Now compared to the $26 BLB, the $17 Spotted Pig Burger is a bargain, but then again you’re spending $17 on a burger.

Overall: 8/10


One response to “The Spotted Pig

  1. Your blog has become my go-t0 entertainment when in need of a study break. Have fun in LA! And happy early birthday =)

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