Magnolia Bakery

I apologize for the 2 week hiatus, but luckily for you guys I’m back. I’ll start with a little warm up of Magnolia Bakery.Magnolia Bakery was made famous through popular culture in shows like Sex and the City, but it’s one of the worst cupcakes I’ve ever had.I vowed never to return to Magnolia Bakery after eating their brick hard cupcakes which are topped with so much frosting that just by looking at it will turn you diabetic.No matter how many fake daisies they put on their cupcakes, they can’t disguise the fact that its just adding to the sugar rush. So why would I go back to Magnolia Bakery if I hate their cupcake so much you ask? Good Question..Banana Pudding!! Oh my goodness, why is this container of heaven trapped in such a hell hole. Thanks to my friend Bonnie’s recommendation, I gave Magnolia another chance albeit not for their cupcakes. This Banana Pudding is tremendously delicious. If you can imagine Marie Callender’s Banana Cream Pie, but multiply the banana-y goodness ten fold. The thick creamy banana pudding is basically a custard which binds chunks of fresh bananas and what they call vanilla wafers together. I usually do not prefer desserts, but I can eat this bad boy every day. The only knock that I have on the dessert, but could have just been my batch, was that occasionally I would taste little bites of pockets of flour. Regardless, I want more!

The best word of advice I can give anyone: Go to Magnolia’s for their Banana Pudding and not their cupcakes!!


One response to “Magnolia Bakery

  1. I completely agree with you. I would also like to add that their hummingbird cake is orgasmic as well. It’s funny that a cake would be so moist and delicious, while their cupcakes are dry rocks topped with frosting.

    Also, you should try the banana pudding at Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the LES. I’ve had both banana puddings several times, and I still cannot decide which is better.

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