The Hat

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hearty batch of Chili Cheese Fries on a beautiful California day?When I’m in New York, some days I pray that there was a location near me so that I could just pig out on their Chili Cheese Fries. There’s even been an instance where I swear I saw a little kid carrying a beverage cup from The Hat. I was so dumbfounded and elated that I ran home to search for the location, but to later find that I was tricked.

Get this baby double dipped in their au jus and top every bite with mustard, and you have a wonderful experience. However, I used to think that the Pastrami at The Hat was the best in the world. That is until I moved to New York. You can put me on record, New York Pastrami > The Hat Pastrami. Sigh. I’m teary eyed right now. The nostalgia behind devouring a full serving of Chili Cheese Fries (that I usually top with onions) and washing it down with Orange Bang. Now I have a tradition that I will share with everyone. Every fry that is covered with a good amount of chili and cheese is drenched in ketchup before it is eaten. (You have to see how many ketchup packets I use). For those stragglers that are left uncovered....they get to take a bath in the gravy pool! So not only do you get Chili Cheese Fries, but you get Wet Fries as well! Call me an uber fatty, but I know how to eat things right. Sometimes I get a little wild and dunk everything in the gravy.

Don’t forget you can also top your Chili Cheese Fries with a juicy layer of Pastrami. What?! But that’s a story for another day.


One response to “The Hat

  1. I can’t believe you had the nerve to walk into my hood and not invite me out to eat.

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