Blue Ribbon Brasserie

A popular question that many people would like to know the answer of is where do restaurant chefs go to eat? In New York, it has to be Blue Ribbon Brasserie. This is the place where the chefs gather at 2am after a long and arduous shift. This is theplace where you would’ve saw Anthony Bourdain kick back and have a couple of drinks (he did name it his favorite place to grab bone marrow). This is the place where my friend (who is a chef) called “an American institution.” This is the place I definitely had to try to see what the fuss was all about. You know it has to be a restaurant delegated for chefs when you have to slice your own bread. By the way, I’m thinking about starting to implement the “Bread Theory.” In which, a restaurant is just as good as the bread the serve pre-meal. We’ll see how this turns out. Don’t let this picture fool you, the restaurant was actually a dungeon of darkness. Ahh.. the almighty Bone Marrow and Oxtail Marmalade. Absolutely splendid, but the best I ever had? That still goes out to my personal biased and neighbors of Blue Ribbon, Minetta Tavern. Regardless, the bone marrow is done to perfection.

Satisfyingly unctuous and paired with a sweet marmalade, the only downside to the dish was the fact it was served on such spongy bread. Perhaps a textural contrast with a toasted baguette next time? The Striped Bass entree is served with Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic with a Red Wine Sauce. This is the dish I should’ve ordered.Instead I ordered the trout. Oh bland, flavorless, boring trout. The trout is grilled with almonds and served with fennel and orzo. I honestly have had better tasting food on an airplane than this trout. This dish might have manifested a new hatred towards trout. From this day forward, I will never order trout again. Finally, we come to the reason why we actually came to the restaurant in the first place, for their beloved Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Collard Greens. The fried chicken was nicely seasoned and packed a bunch of spices. Pairing it with the honey gave it that extra edge. However, for $26, I could easily buy buckets and buckets of Popeye’s and feed an entire community. They even give me free packets of “honey.” I mean, I could see why this Fried Chicken is raved, but for me I’ll stick with my $3 3-piece meal. I even get a biscuit.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie Scores:
Food:  6.5/10 – Maybe it’s because I had huge expectations. But major points off for serving a bland dish.

Restaurant Environment: 7/10 – You’re average Brasserie feel, but sitting us next to the kitchen was a minus.

Service: 7.5/10 – They granted us a couple of special requests, but nothing spectacular.

Value: 5/10 -While it doesn’t leave you wishing you had more shares in Apple, it’s not the cheapest place of the litter.

Overall: 6.5/10


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