Boston: Kingfish Hall

Disclaimer: This post may destroy what little credibility I had. But because of my eternal hatred of the Boston Celtics and the city of Boston, it was inevitable.

Upon my recent journey to Boston (to watch my Lakers take on the Celtics for Game 5 of the Finals), I made my way through Fanueil Hall and found myself at Todd English’s Kingfish Hall. On a shitty note, since I was not allowed to bring a DSLR into TD Gardens, the following pictures are from a regular point and shoot.The underwater scene was pretty typical. Along with their fisherman’s wharf-esque bar area, the decor wasn’t very impressive and was rather tasteless.Do New Englanders eat anything else besides Lobster?The bread was warm and soft, with a sweet yet sticky honey glaze. Ok all jokes aside, the Clam Chowder was spectacular. Super creamy, thick, and flavorful, this was one dish I could not bash. Wood Grilled Swordfish with Fried Essex Clams, Chorizo Mashed, Cherry Pepper Vinaigrette, Broccoli Rabe and an Orange Aioli. New England Lobster Boil. A giant boil of Lobster, Steamers, Kielbasa, Corn on the Cob, and Baby Red Potatoes. My ultra gripe about this dish was their steamers. The clams were full of sand and were as tough as rubber. tsk tsk. The sad thing is, I loved the kielbasa the most out of anything on this plate.

Kingfish Hall Scores:
Food: 0/10 – Because it was in Boston

Restaurant Environment: -500/10 – Because I was surrounded by Celtic’s Fans and because it was in Boston

Service: .5/10 – Our waitress was awesome (even though she knew we were Lakers’ fans), but I think she poisoned my food and added sand to my clams – that happy face demon of a woman.

Value: -250/10 – I hate contributing to the Boston economy, and boy did I contribute.

Overall: 0/10 – Because it was in Boston


One response to “Boston: Kingfish Hall

  1. love the objectivity here. GO LAKERS!

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