Chicago Megapost!

I recently took a nice one day vacation up to Chicago to catch a glimpse of the Windy City. During that one whole day, I tried to stuff in as many eateries and food as possible, and this is the result of that journey.

The main reason I was actually in Chicago was to catch the Angels play at Wrigley against the Cubs for the first time ever. But before the game was scheduled to start, I decided to get my day started with some of Chicago’s well known Italian Beef Sandwiches. Even though it came up short against Al’s Beef in Travel Channel’s Food Wars (which is a terrible show and I don’t know why I’m using it as a reference), I just had to sample the originality of Mr. Beefs. We arrived at Mr. Beef’s super early. (Before they were open actually)As you can see, not an employee in sight. They were still prepping a lot of the food, and half the things I ordered weren’t even possible to plate up. So I decided to order a classic Italian Beef Sandwich with Fries.This baby was heaven. So greasy, so oily, so juicy, so beefy, so flavorful… It’s everything you could ever want in a sandwich stuffed with dipped beef. And yes, I was a little girl and ordered the Sweet Peppers instead of the Hot Peppers. Hey it was 10am and I had a whole day of eating ahead of me, sue me. These fries were remarkably similar to the fries at McDonalds. I actually think they bought some McDonald’s fries and gave them to me because they were too lazy to start frying. So after the Italian Beef Sandwiches, we jetted over to Wrigley Field to watch the game. Notice the score, the Angels actually won the game 12-0, but you’ll find that on a different blog. During the game, I couldn’t help but notice people were carrying around these giant hot dogs covered with an assortment of toppings. This is when I unleashed my inner fat ass, and went on a mission to discover and conquer the beast.

Stop 1: First Concession Stand – Ordered a hot dog. Turned out to be a regular hot dog. Oh well, I already spent my money, might as well eat it.Stop 2: After eating the hot dog, I thought to myself. Maybe what I saw was an Italian Sausage. Ordered an Italian Sausage. Turned out to be a regular Italian Sausage. Oh well, I already spent my money, might as well eat it. I was already feeling really full from the Italian Beef Sandwich earlier, and the 2 dogs I devoured. However, I was determined!!Stop 3: HALLELUJAH! I FOUND YOU!!! This foot long Ron Jeremy-esque bison tubed behemoth was absolutely worth the journey. You can place however many toppings you want on the dog, but I elected to keep it simple and top it with a meager 4. I chose the Bison option instead of the regular beef, because I’m adventurous ok? The bison meat is a bit gamier than the regular beef hot dogs, but I actually prefer it. Next, a slop of Chili, Cheese Whiz, Grilled Onions, and a Pickle Spear are thrown on for good measure. You heavenly bastard. I guess everything in Chicago is eaten with a fork and a knife. Go Angels!

After a couple of hours spent touring around Navy Pier, I just had to get my hands on some Chicago Pizza. And here we are. It wasn’t Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza per se, but Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. had a marvelous rendition of one. We had to wait for about 45 minutes to nab a table. The host at the restaurant is amazing! He can remember the exact order of all the waiting patrons and seat them accordingly.

Let me introduce you to the best mother effing salad in the world!Actually, let me rephrase that. Let me introduce you to the best mother effing salad dressing in the world!On the left, we had a Garlic Sour Cream, and on the right we had a Sweet and Sour Poppyseed. On the suggestion from the waiter, that the dressing is better when both are mixed together, I gave it a shot. Boy did it blow my mind!!! I wanted to buy a million bottles for people to sample, but I had no more cash left! How disappointing! The sauce hits your palate on every level. There’s sweet, sour and savory in the perfect satisfying amounts. I just want some more to put on all my salads for the rest of my life. The unveiling of Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co’s famous Pizza Pot Pies! The pot pies are flipped upside down and the ramekin is removed to reveal a perfect individual sized serving of Pizza Pot Pie.  Right off the bat, you notice the pool of fresh warm ooey gooey cheese right in the middle. However, I think the part that I enjoyed the most was the crust. The soft doughy crust was a perfect complement to the savory tomato meat sauce.My goodness, sorry New York, but Chicago has better pizza. The pizza was stuffed with mushrooms and meat sauce, every bite just brought a bigger smile to my face. Sprinkle on some fresh cracked black pepper and red pepper flakes to take it over the top.If only you could really take a bite..Finish the meal off with a couple of dark chocolate molasses bars. (I think they’re from See’s Candy)

Chicago is a cultural city where I think everyone should visit once in their lifetime and eat their way through. I’d also like to thank Karen for her hospitality during the trip.


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