Bouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller is a cuisine extraordinaire. Having created such successful venues such as the highly touted Per Se and French Laundry. There’s a reason why Keller is one of the most decorated chefs in the all of history. Countless James Beard awards and Michelin Stars, the man simply produces great food.

No, I didn’t complete my life by eating at Per Se. However, I did have great food at Keller’s affordable Bouchon Bakery.

From the looks of it, everything here is done to an art. From the heartiest of sandwiches to the tiny morsels of macaroons, you can sense the effort placed into each item.

I snagged myself a Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Toasted Brioche. Smeared with an herb spread, crunchy fresh cucumbers, and pickled red onions. Every ingredient had a reason, and together they harmoniously produced one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. The brioche was buttery and perfectly toasted, the cucumbers added an extra texture, the spread blooming with flavor upon every bite, and the meaty salmon was the perfect main.Up next was their Butternut Squash Panini. Hands down one of the best meatless options in the world. With the addition of apple slices, a pear marmalade, a nutty brie and various herbs, the flavor is out of this world. The pressed panini adds a marvelous crunch while the butternut squash filling is an ode to Keller’s ingenuity. Now we come to the piece de resistance, Keller’s take on the Nutter Butter. This cookie would send the Cookie Monster into comatose. With ooey gooey peanut butter sandwiched in between warm peanut butter cookies. Words cannot do this baby justice, it’s just something you have to try and fall in love with.

Bouchon Bakery Scores:
Food: 9/10 – Corner Bakery and Panera, you’ve met your match.

Restaurant Environment: N/A

Service: N/A

Value: 7/10- At around $13 per, these sandwiches aren’t exactly part of anyone’s value meal.

Overall: 8.5/10


One response to “Bouchon Bakery

  1. YUMS. Next time you should eat there! It’s a nice environment 🙂 and service is excellent!

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