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When you think of words that are synonymous with New York City what are some that come to mind? Crowded, rude, freedom, driven, etc. If you ask me, it’s brunch. Not just any kind of brunch, drunk brunch to be exact. And actually, not just drunk brunch, but all-you-can-drink drunk brunch. With an abundance of these all-you-can-drink restaurants in the Greenwich area, that’s where we decided to head, a quaint little place by the name of Paradou.Make sure you either get to Paradou early or have reservations made. Unlucky for us we didn’t do either and had to wait a good hour or two until a table opened up.

For $29 ($35 for parties 7+)  you get your choice of entree with an unlimited champagne brunch. The kicker is not only is it just champagne, but you get your choice of mixer, making it an unlimited mimosa, bellini, etc. fiesta. The Oeufs Paradou or basically a Salmon Eggs Benedict over a piece of shitty toast (which they dare call brioche). Not the prettiest plate of the bunch, and not the tastiest either. So what does that equate to? You got it. A terrible dish.The French Toast with a Fresh Berry Compote was no different. Just tasted very average and not to sound boastful but was something I could’ve probably mocked up by myself. I would’ve never paid the menu price of $12 for it.Finally we get to the $5 supplement. An extra Abe Lincoln would get you this bad ass Duck Reuben with Fingerling Potatoes. Straight from the menu verbatim: “The Height of Decadence!!! The Royalty of Sandwichdom!!!.” And yes, they did have all three exclamation marks, which made me three times as excited. Pieces of Duck Confit, Duck Magret, Choucroute (not gonna lie, I have no idea what the last 2 were), and Arugula. It must’ve been worth it right? Wrong. This concoction was blander than cardboard and oilier/greasier than the Gulf of Mexico. If this was really the height of decadence, then shoot me now.

As a result of the constant pounding of delicious “champagne” cocktails, I wasn’t able to get around and take pictures of the rest of the food. Failed.

Paradou Scores:
Food: 3.5/10 – Although edible, it was nothing close to being enjoyable.

Restaurant Environment: 7.5/10 – Maybe it was because we turned the entire back patio into a playhouse, but we had a great time none the less.

Service: 7/10 – The constant refilling of the drinks might have frustrated most, but the workers at Paradou kept up a good job.

Value: 5/10 – For the food, I’d probably give it a 0, but for the unlimited drinks it deserves a 10, so I’ll meet it half way.

Overall: 6/10