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Osteria Mozza

Sorry for the delay guys! As many of you know, my life has been hectic these past few days after getting employed in the restaurant industry. The past few weeks I’ve been on some crazy dining journeys so hopefully I’ll be able to share them with you when I have time.

After hearing about Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s notorious success (questionable New York Times’ 4-star rating) at New York based Del Posto. I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I decided to sample their fare at the sister restaurant Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles. On a side note, even though we showed up promptly for our reservation, we were not seated until after a 30 minute wait. Tsk tsk

Even on a random Monday evening at around 9:30pm, the restaurant is still at full capacity and hustling. We elected to sample the Pasta Tasting Menu. Unfortunately for us we came in on a Monday which happened to be Meatless Monday.The meal started off with an amuse bouche of a Goat Cheese Spread and an Olive Tapenade over a crunchy baguette with basil. A great simple light starter with an intense kick from the olives. I’m not a huge fan of olives, but the dish was certainly delightful.The bread is just your average Joe Schmo bread, a bit unimpressed.The first dish was a Coach Farm Goat Cheese Ravioli with Five Lilies. The raviolis were light and delicate, and the smooth flavor of the goat cheese helped round it out (pun intended). Next, a Farfalle with Chanterelles e Noci. To me, it was a bit bland. I don’t think mushroom based pastas run well with me. A Butternut Squash Mezzalune with Amaretti was up next. The mezzalune filled with butternut squash itself was pretty amazing, but then it actually got ruined with the amaretti topping. Now usually I love contrasting flavors and textures, but the sweetness of the amaretti was absolute overkill, this could’ve well been a dessert. My friend actually aptly named this “butterscotch” instead of butternut squash. Batting clean up on the menu was a Gnocchi al Pomodoro with Basil e Ricotta al Forno. Although the dish was remarkably simple, it felt like I was biting into morsels of heaven after the disaster of a dish before. But honestly, now that I think about it, gnocchi and pomodoro sauce? Let’s get creative!Out of the pastas, this final one was my absolute favorite. A Corzetti Stampati with Eggplant, Olives, and Fresh Ricotta. To me, a pasta should be hearty and robust and topped with plenty of cheese. Even though I direly craved meat, the eggplant was a welcome substitute. I’m pretty sure I wolfed this bad boy down and then that of my partners. A quick side story, since our meal was taking a while and actually getting late (close to midnight), we had asked our server to see if they could just present us with the dishes so we can quickly eat and leave. This bad boy scoop of sorbet took them a whole 12 minutes to plate up. Back to the dish. As an intermezzo, we were served a Sorbetto di Coconut, which was topped with a piece of dried pineapple. It was sharp and refreshing and served its purpose as a palate cleanser. Finally for dessert, Rosemary Olive Oil cakes with Olive Oil Gelato. I am in love with Olive Oil Ice Cream, but the cakes which to me should be served warm, were actually cool. The rosemary laced candied sugar was phenomenal.

Osteria Mozza Scores:
Food: 8/10 – Although the meal overall was a success, there were a few standout dishes that I preferred to have substituted.

Restaurant Environment: 7/10 – A great open feel, and a few “unique” diners (such as a man reiterating that he would die if a peanut got close to him) added to the flair.

Service: 4/10 – I did expect more in this department, but sitting us 30 minutes after our reservation, and even asking to have our dishes sped up, serving it to us at a snail’s pace was just ridiculous.

Value: 6/10 – For $69, the pasta tasting isn’t a bank breaker, but no meat? Come on..

Overall: 7/10


LA: Alcove

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth and often don’t eat much dessert. However, whenever I’m in LA, I know I can grab some of the greatest desserts at Alcove. Although it looks as if they’ve compiled a delicious savory menu, I’m here for the sugar.

Now many of you may know that I’m usually a super-paparazzi and love to take pictures of whatever I see. However, the celebrity sighting of Mandy Moore at Alcove caught me off guard and also left me starstruck and dumbfounded when we locked eyes. She’s no longer the chubby Mandy we were appalled at in HIMYM, but back to her beautiful and elegant self who is as sweet as she looks. Anyways, back to the point. Because I spent the whole time staring at Mandy, I kind of forgot to take pictures. But fear not my fellow readers, luckily I’ve been here a couple of times and have some pictures from the past.The Strawberry Cake tastes just like it looks, but better. Remember the Chinese birthday cakes your mom would bring back topped with a wide assortment of fruits? This is better than that. The fresh strawberries and refined fresh-made whipped cream paired with the moist white cake brings back a nostalgic birthday party in your mouth.I sucked at taking pictures before. Anyways, the Birthday Cupcake and Caramel Cheesecake were pretty uneventful and a complete reversal of the Strawberry Cake, where they sound and look better than they actually were. When I gazed into the giant pastry fridge this time around, I was looking for one thing. Red Velvet Cake. What? No Red Velvet? However, they did have a vegan substitute. No Thank You! Wait wait wait!! What’s this Cookie Monster like cake? Blue Velvet?!?! I’ll take a slice, I’m no racist. My goodness, was it just as grand. The soft silky cream cheese frosting paired with that blue cake goodness is ethereal. The beautifully dubbed Princess Cake, is a wonderful creation of white cake with a raspberry/framboise preserve and a layer of sweet smooth custard, wrapped in a purple almond/amaretto fondant. Deeeeeeelish. A little on the sweet side but an amazing cake none the less.Don’t forget to place an order of Alcove’s wonderful coffee and flavored lattes. Usually, they top it with gorgeous foam art, but they decided not to this time. So I tried it myself using a fork. Fail.

No score for Alcove, since I’ve only had the dessert and coffee. If the food is just as good as the dessert, Alcove is definitely a can’t miss romantic dining spot with a chance of a celebrity sighting. Oh yea, I’ve also heard their bread pudding is one of the best in the world.