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Let’s just get right to the point. Eataly is my Disneyland in New York. I can spend all day and night there and still long to go back the next day. I hate to put Batali and Bastianich on a high horse again, but they’ve done one hell of a job with Eataly. For those of you who are a bit lost, Eataly is a giant Italian goods purveyor. But in addition to the giant grocery store are seven small restaurants with their specialities, such as pizza and pasta, vegetables, seafood, and meat. This entry will focus on my journey into the Pasta region of the market.Let’s begin with what I personally believe is the best thing at Eataly. The Classic Mozzarella, which is made fresh daily and drizzled with sweet olive oil and served with a pinch of sea salt. The cheese itself is buttery soft and has a mild flavor, and once everything is paired together, it’s ethereal. This dish certainly fuels my new mantra of simplicity is best. Next up we have a Butternut Squash Lasagna. Let me take this time to rephrase my mantra, simplicity done right is best. Although the lasagna was fairly simple, there certainly wasn’t a wow factor associated with it. It just felt like the butternut squash lasagnas I’ve gotten at other markets i.e. Whole foods (at half the price too).Finally we have the Paccheri al Sugo di Mare or known as the seafood pasta. When described, Pasta cooked al dente poured over with a flavor filled red sauced infused with a seafood medley of Mussels, Clams, Shrimp and Calamari, sounds heavenly doesn’t it? Now I normally love al dente pastas, but this was barely cooked. And like the lasagna, it just wasn’t a dish I fell in love with.

Even though the entrees were a bit disappointing, you can always make it up with.Gelato!! The bottom was a Pistachio and a Sweet Cream, while the sneaky one at the top was Green Apple.

Next time you visit Eataly, just visit the Crudo bar and order a glass of rosé, some prosciutto and mozarella, along with a few oysters. It’s my new favorite pastime.


Sugar Sweet Sunshine

In celebration of the Lakers’ victory over the Celtics for the NBA championship, I bring to you, cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, but those that I believe are the best in the world.The sinfully moist and irresistible cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. At just $1.50 per cupcake, they’re not going to set you back like the overly extravagant and costly bricks that they serve at Crumbs. Bring a tiny box of these bad boys to your work place to make new friends.Better yet, bring a case and win their hearts, and maybe that raise you’ve been looking for next quarter. Whatever your goal is, these perfect morsels of heaven, have the perfect frosting to cake ratio. And trust me when I tell you, that the frosting to cake ratio is important. Example: Sprinkles slathers on a ridiculous amount of frosting that almost makes the cupcake inedible unless you scrape some off. However, Sugar Sweet Sunshine gets it on point.Pumpkin – Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese FrostingIn my regards, one of the best cupcakes ever. Screw that Red Velvet crap that many have fell in love with. The Pumpkin cupcake is the perfect synergy of sweet, spicy, and savory with the nuts providing a textural contrast. My perfect dessert. Pistachio – Pistachio cake with “The Moose” (a satin buttercream)Another perfect cupcake. Goodness gracious, what should I ever do? I guess just eat it. The airy and fluffy buttercream is paired with the light green pistachio cake to again make the perfect cupcake. Don’t forget about the pistachio topping!Ooey Gooey – Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Almond ButtercreamNext up, we have one of my personal favorites, the Ooey Gooey. Maybe I’m just a sucker for almond flavored desserts, but this cupcake is my true Kryptonite. Although it gets a bit overly sweet, the Chocolate Almond Buttercream is just divine.Lemon Yummy – Lemon cake with Lemon buttercream.Ok, I have to admit that sampling 4 different cupcakes was getting a bit tiring. Sue me, I’m a fat ass. The downside of everything, was that the lemon cupcake just ended up being way too sour (after my taste buds had adjusted to the Ooey Gooey) and became hard for me to eat. I would imagine, however, that the cupcake would’ve been phenomenal if it was one of the first ones eaten.Ok. So…. on top of 4 cupcakes, I also had to try the Banana Pudding at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Don’t Judge. The pudding is mixed with Nilla Wafers (which have soften) and provide a great bite. The pudding is spectacular, just as I imagined, but it falls just short of the Banana Bread Pudding from Magnolia. Although I hear the “Chocolate Bomb” pudding may be in a class of its own.

Again, congratulations to the 2010 NBA Champions, Los Angeles Lakers. I’m looking forward to a three-peat. Now, time for the encore replay on ESPN.